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Trekking Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes via Uganda

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Trekking Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes via Uganda

Gorilla trekking can be done in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and clients can fly in into Entebbe International Airport in Uganda and be driven to Volcanoes gorilla National Park to trek the mountain gorillas. You can decide to book an air ticket and you will arrive through Entebbe International Airport and then be transferred to Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park to trek the mountain gorillas. The guide drives you from Entebbe to the border of Rwanda and then be driven to the park.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is carried out in Volcanoes National Park and the park has got 10 gorilla families. A gorilla safari to Volcanoes is a life-changing adventure that rewards visitors in their natural habitats with close contact with endangered mountain gorillas.

Volcanoes Gorilla Park is a stop center for all Rwanda gorilla safaris sheltering the highest number of gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area. The strategic location of the Volcanoes National Park is 2 hours drive from Kigali airport making it the most accessible gorilla national park in the world. The park is home to Golden Monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects among other creatures which makes a complete Rwanda safari package.

The park spans on a 160 sq km area in the northern part of Rwanda, Volcanoes Safari Park is composed of the excellent conservation region of Virunga Volcano extending to cover Virunga National Park in Congo and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. It was initially a tiny region around the volcanoes of Karisimbi, Mikeno and Visoke to safeguard the hill gorillas facing extinction in the region.

Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda via Uganda is so adventurous since you get to enjoy the long drives while viewing a variety of landscapes and great scenery. You can as well decide to visit many other national parks in Uganda before proceeding to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla tracking. Passing in Uganda to trek the gorillas in Kigali is quite expensive since there are long drives that need a lot of fuel which at the end of the day lead to increased safari costs.