All you nee to know about Queen Elizabeth National Park (Facts about Queen Elizabeth National)

Queen Elizabeth national park is found in the western region of Uganda covering districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi, and Rukungiri the park includes Maramagambo forest and borders Kigezi game reserve, the Kyambura game reserve, Kibale national park in Uganda and the Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The park was established in 1952 as Kazinga National Park, renamed after Queen Elizabeth’s visit two years later. It covers an estimated square kilometer of 1978. The park stretches from north-east Lake George to south-west Lake Edward and contains the Kazinga channel that connects the two lakes.

The park is Uganda’s most popular and protected destination. Queen Elizabeth National Park is renowned for African buffalo, Ugandan Kob, hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, African bush elephant, African elephant, tree-climbing lions, and chimpanzee.

It is home to about 95 species of mammals and more than 500 species of birds. It has an intriguing history of culture. There are many opportunities for visitors to meet local communities and enjoy dances, music and many more.

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4 Attractions you must Visit in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park has got a lot of eye-catching attractions around and outside the park. around the ark t has got Mweya peninsular which is a heart of sight seeing activities with excellent accommodation in the park in order you want to enjoy your tour.

You must be guided through by arranger guide who helps you explore around the park including the peninsular. All activities are organized by Mweya information center for the tourists who want to take part. The most exciting about the peninsular is the fact that it overlooks Katwe bay of lake bay of lake Edward.

Kazinga channel.

Its 40m long adjoining Lake George to lake Edward. it has got the best view of the park’s wildlife venture. Its shores attract mammals, birds as well as the reptiles year-round.

Most mammals can be viewed by the Nile cruise or from the entrance of lake Edward. The cruise runs from 3 pm -5 pm or from 11 am to 1 pm according to the demanded number of tourists.

The equator and the queens pavilion.

The equator provides a best view for photo shooting along the craft shops which are attracting hence end up buying them as souvenirs and the queens pavilion is spotted as you entre to the north of the crater dive.

Ishasha tree climbing lions.

Among the inhabitants in this place include the savannah woodland. Ishasha river along with lake Edward that has a diversity of wildlife such as climbing lions, rare shoebill stork and many more

Volcanic explosion craters.

They are consisted with the Katwe Salt Lake were the people of Katwe extract alt from using evaporation pans. local guides will ecotourists down into the crater to see the process.

The adjacent lake Munyanyange which is rich with water birds including migrating lesser flamingo between august and November.

Top Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Launch trips or cruises.

it is done on the Kazinga channel where tourists relax from wile having game viewing in the park like seeing hippos, buffaloes and the elephants on the shoreline.

Birding (Bird Watching Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park)

Queen Elizabeth national park is a home of more than 600 species of birds such as flamingoes found on the Kyambura and Katwe soda lake. Sightings of the rare memorable shoebill on the remote lake Edward flats in Ishasha. The park is classified as an important birding area.

Game drives in queen Elizabeth.

 They are done in both the Kasenyi plains and Ishasha sector where we see the buffalo, antelope and elephant along with the warthogs and baboons. Taking an experienced guide in the early morning or in the evening as you view a pride of lions and may be even the odd leopard.

Chimp tracking in Kyambura, Queen Elizabeth national park.

The Kyambura gorge teaches visitors about the ecosystems of Kyambura gorges subterranean rainforest atmosphere including vegetation kinds, identification, conduct, chimp and monkey ecology.

Cultural heritage and nature trail.

Tourists see the Kikorongo equator cultural performers ‘ traditional energetic genetic dances, salt harvesting employees at Katwe Lake, a traditional Banyaraguru hut, or an agricultural village guided by those who understand them best.

Wildlife research tours in the park.

The park has got anew unique experience that allows the tourists to participate in monitoring some of the exotic birds and mammals that fill the park, monitoring the weather, surrounding and behavior.

Forest walks.

 At Maramagambo forest at the foot at the Kichwamba escarpment which contrasts with the parks open grasslands. As you are guided through the walks you can be able to see primates and rare birds like the forest fly catcher, white napped pigeon and the Rwenzori turaco, visit the bat Cave with resident bat gorged python.

Another forest walk is at the Kyambura gorge which extends from the Kichwamba escarpment to the Kazinga channel.

Hiking/nature walks

Nature treks are one of the ways to discover Queen Elizabeth’s countryside and wildlife, including the shady Maramagambo forest, the peninsular Mweya with its picturesque views and the river Ishasha, where you can find a range of forest and savanna species, as well as a wonderful chance to get near and see hippos on foot.

Caves in queen Elizabeth.

They are found beneath thee shady Maramagambo forecast which is the bat cave. The cave has a room where tourists view from and are able to observe the resident bats and python

Accommodations at Queen Elizabeth National Park (Where to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park)

At queen Elizabeth national park. Is dotted with the best tourist accommodation facilities that will make you feel at home. It is crossed by the main latitude, equator, therefore, it has got the best view for taking photos with your friends the park has got quite a number of lodges hotels and camps where you can adventure the wilderness of Africa.

Accommodation facilities range from luxury to budget accommodation can book any that suites his /her taste and preference. Most lodges are found in the eastern side of the park.

Luxury accommodation such as Mweya safari lodge which is one of the luxury lodges in the park, it’s located in the Mweya peninsular between Kazinga channel and lake Edward shores.

Jacana safaris lodges is another luxury lodge found in the national park and Kyambura gorge lodge and many more.

Midrange accommodation like Enganzi game lodge located at the Kichwamba rift valley escarpment and others include bush lodge, Engiri safari lodge in Rubirizi, King fisher, Ihamba safari, Buffalo lodge and among others.

Budget accommodation, lodges that offer this kid of accommodation offer them at a low coast and they include Pumba safari camp located at Kyambura in the eastern boarder of Queen Elizabeth national park Kazinga channel resort, Mweya hostel, Samba safari camp and many more.

How to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park (Accessing Queen)

There are two routes that run from Kampala to Mweya. By road, it takes you about 5-6 hours from Kampala going through Mbarara, Bushenyi and can also be reached from Bwindi. Its accessible by both private and public transport.

The main camp and park headquarters are at Mweya which is a convenient place for exploring the sites in the north eastern part of the park while the road network running from the Ishasha camp and ranger post 80km to the south provides access to the ark. By air charter flights can be arranged from airstrips at Kasese, Mweya and Ishasha.

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